Our First Movie

Our first film, M, I had mixed feeling about in the beginning. I hadn’t watched a movie in a different language since I watched The Orphanage at my friend’s house, so the adjustment was a little different from what I, as well as others, I’m sure, are use to.

With that being said, the movie itself was quite interesting. That is once you get past the thirty minutes after the little girl died at the beginning (which was very well done with the suspense as well as the use of imagery with the little girls’ balloon getting tangled and her ball rolling down the hill). After that it got quite boring with the police running around like chickens with their heads cut off and the civilians in a state of panic. I thought “who the heck is the murderer anyway?” and towards the end I’m thinking “the criminals end up being the heroes?”

Ok. Now those were my initial thoughts but once the movie ended and I thought why things were done the way they were (plus everyone’s imputes in class was helpful), I came to some conclusions. The director tried not to reveal the criminal because he is trying to have us develop our own image of him so that when we do see him we think “THAT’S the guy???” Also the involvement of the mob was interesting because it shows that when something escalates to a level, it affects everyone: both the citizens and the underworld. Plus I think it would be fair to assume that the narrator wanted us to choose sides.  Think about it, would you rather want the police, who were getting nowhere for half the movie, to get the guy? Or would you rather have the criminals who were making good progress? I personally was very neutral toward the whole thing because as long as the guy was captured I’d be happy.

Then there was the ending which gave me mixed feeling. Sure, I wanted the guy to pay for what he did to all those children, but I wasn’t so sure about having him be torn to shreds by the citizens because they didn’t want the system to deal with him. That right there seemed more than a little inhumane. After all I know our systems not perfect but it’s what separates us from the animals.

These here are just a few of my ideas. If you disagree with any or even have a question, please feel free to leave a comment.

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One thought on “Our First Movie

  1. Huh, I’ve actually never watched a foreign film, except for Spanish novellas, which is just too much dramaa lol. I also found it interesting that the murderer was just this seemingly normal if a bit creepy guy. Like your average Joe, pretty scary. Personally, I’m not sure what i would’ve done in that situation, just because of the raw nature of this matter: a child’s life. Like the amber alert system, super important now to help rescue kidnapped girls, but Amber died. Yet, what if the parents had the chance to actually confront the killer? It on depends on human nature then, i guess.

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