The Lady Eve

I must say that The Lady Eve was one of my favorite screening so far. Since our first two were about murder and mobsters, watching a romantic comedy was a good change of pace. I must admit, after all, that romantic comedies are my favorite genre of movies.

The movie introduces two main characters, Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck) who is a beautiful con artist and Charles Pike (Henry Fonda) who is the heir to the Pike Ale fortune. Both meet on the same luxury cruise liner and fall in love like most typical old romance movies. But things get complicated when Jeans life is made known to Pike and he dumps her. The rest of the movie is about Jean trying to get back at Pike for the humiliation by explaining “I’ve got some unfinished business with him — I need him like the axe needs the turkey”. After this it gets a little tricky in terms of how she really feels about him and if she wants revenge for the humiliation or because he didn’t really love her. But in the end everything goes full circle and the two mutually confess their love for the other. The End.

Now let’s talk about the character profiles. First Pike. Initially I thought he was a good guy who was just socially awkward around women. But then as it goes on I notice that this guy must be a real naive. Who proposes to someone after meeting them for just a few days? I thought “this guy moves fast doesn’t he”? That at the party at his mansion, couldn’t he see that she didn’t disguise herself when she was “Lady Eve Sidwich” just to screw with him even more? And then when he asked her to marry him again using the same lines as before after knowing her for just two weeks. What does this guy think love is?

Then we have Jean who was the one in control of their entire relationship from the beginning. This was interesting because wouldn’t it be seen as unusual during that time period where men were almost always in control. I think it would be far to say that most of the people who saw this movie were women. I also liked her character because in that relationship there needed to be someone who knew what to do and how to do it. That character wasn’t going to be Pike, that’s for sure.

All in all, very funny movie with good use of physical humor. Have to give it five stars in my book and hope to see another one like it.

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4 thoughts on “The Lady Eve

  1. Hello Eric,

    This is Natalia, the class blog assistant. I enjoyed your post, and I’m glad that you liked The Lady Eve. It’s one of my favorites.

    I noticed that on some of your more recent posts, comments have been disabled. Would you might changing the settings to allow comments to be posted? If you’ve got any questions about how to do that, or any other issues that come up, feel free to e-mail me at

    Keep up the good work!

    -Natalia D.

  2. This movie was my favorite that we have watched so far as well ! The humor definitely played a big part in that. I completely agree with your analysis of the character of Charles, you were right on the money with that! He is a very naive man and clearly does not know what true love really is. Loved the fact that the woman for once had all the control it made things a little more interesting to watch . Would give this move the same rating !

  3. Yeah I thought Pike was fishy too…actually I even thought he was a full fledged jerk in the end.Maybe it was too much of that South American water when he was in the forest? lol but I was a bit surprised about how much control Jean had for a 30’s flick, were’nt women still in house wife mode back then? They actually didn’t riot when they saw the opposite sex being dominant? There is some hope in mankind yet. Though you did see some of the traditional mind set during the train scene when Pike was upset and even divorced Lady Eve for having so many ex-boyfriends. Wasn’t he just about to marry ‘Jean’ a few weeks(forgot time frame) before he married “Lady Eve”? Double standards much? Pfft Men.

    Anyway I loved the film and was actually heartbroken when I found out I couldn’t stream it online. Was dying to show my boyfriend and share a few good laughs about it. Comedy/ Romance FTW!

  4. It was interesting to see a old romantic comedy right? The ones nowadays are kind of mediocre. My favorite scene of the film is when they’re in the train and ‘Eve’ is telling Pike all about her past lovers. It was so funny, especially coming from such an old film. And yes, Pike is either very naive or stupid, i shake my head at him. (Hehehe)

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