Citizen Kane

For the blog challenge, I’m going to choose the scene that I discussed in class. For those of you who don’t remember, that’s the scene were Kane is alone with his second wife after one of her performances. We see Kane receive a letter from his associate that contains a torn up check that he gave him. The already present hostility between the two escalates as the scene goes on because wants nothing more than to stop performing. The scene ends with Kane walking up to her and says in a rather intimidating manner “you will continue with your singing”.  

The reason I chose this scene is because I think it best shows the relationship Kane has with his second wife. The director makes use of high and low shots to emphasize who is more in control. Whenever the camera points at Kane, it is at an upward angel because he is standing and whenever it points at Susan, it is at a downward angel. This seems to emphasize Kane’s power and control over Susan.  This is further emphasized at the end of the scene when he approaches her and she is covered in his shadow, trapped and unable to say no.

Another say of seeing this is how the director takes advantage of black and white. In the scene, Kane is wearing a black robe (it’s possible that the robe wasn’t black because the movie had no color but I just think its black for the point of symbolism). This could be a symbol to his corruption and “dark” impulses. It also acts as a contrast to Susan in her white gown.

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