Invasion of the Body Snatchers:

This film was a blast from the past for me personally. My dad is a Star Trek fan so I’ve seen my far share of Sci-Fi films. It was a good film to watch because Halloween was right around the corner and it was something we could watch while letting our hair down after that midterm. This film was made in the 1950’s right? I wonder how people back then reacted to this kind of stuff.

            The film itself made excellent use of suspense and silence to emphasize what was going on. A good scene that made use of this technique was when Milles and Becky were in the office looking at the town square. Once they looked out the window, everything got really quiet and we see all the townspeople stop what they’re doing and migrate toward the center of the square. Everything is done quietly and systematically. Personally it creped the hell out of me.

            Another good scene was towards the end when Milles yells “They’re here already! You’re next! You’re next!” Here the actor does a good job in portraying the fear and desperation that the character was experiencing. I agree with Professor Herzog in saying that it would have been a good final scene. However, personally I don’t like films or shows that end on a cliffhanger. I’m the kind of guy who likes everything resolved so I’d have to say that the ending in the hospital was a better choice on the director’s part. Plus if it did end there, I pretty sure we all would have our own little fit of mass hysteria.

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